The Bionutrient Food Association (BFA) was incorporated in late 2010, and formally established as a tax exempt charitable organization in February 2012. The BFA is a new organization that is establishing itself at a key nexus point in the food movement, organizing around quality in the food supply.

The BFA is an outgrowth of the Real Food Campaign, which was a project of the non-profit Remineralize the Earth. The Real Food Campaign was established as a project of Remineralize the Earth in August of 2008. Since that date, the organizational efforts have primarily focused on identifying limiting factors in farming systems and conducting practical year long biologically oriented and certifiably organic how to courses for more than 700 growers across the northeast. Our objective has been to work with early adopters to show results of high functioning living systems and through this mode to build grassroots momentum. With our base of educated and engaged growers we are making waves in the food community in the Northeast US, and with our new organizational structure strategically planning to reach out to a larger audience.