• Our Crops
    Yield, Vigor and Flavor
    are determined by
    soil vitality.

    Our Crops

    Soil is a biological system, and addressing limiting factors in air, water, carbon, minerals and biology systemically empowers crops.

  • Our Health
    Is affected by the quality
    of the food we put in
    our bodies.

    Our Health

    Nutritive levels in crops have been dropping for decades. Degenerative diseases are becoming epidemic. Understand quality and find the best for your family.

  • Quality of Food
    Can be understood
    and identified.

    Quality of Food

    Our work is in helping to increase Bionutrient levels in the food supply. Join us in identifying what quality is available where in your area.


Fresh From the Field

Scholarship opportunities for SNC2018!

Through the support of our generous sponsors, the Bionutrient Food Association is pleased to offer a limited number of scholarships to help defray the cost of attending the Soil & Nutrition Conference for those in need of financial support. Applications are now online at https://soilandnutrition.org/scholarships/ Applications will be reviewed as they come in, and scholarships awarded on a rolling basis. Submission deadline is August 1, so don't delay! Learn more

Soil & Nutrition Conference 2018 - call for sponsors and exhibitors!

The website for the 2018 Soil & Nutrition Conference is now live at a new, dedicated URL: www.soilandnutrition.org/. Registration opens next month, but sponsorship, exhibitor, and advertiser registration to our 8th annual Soil & Nutrition Conference is available now. For more information about the opportunities available, please visit the relevant pages for Sponsors and Exhibitors/Advertisers.

The first annual GOAT Conference

The BFA has helped create, plan, and sponsor a new initiative to connect those building out open technologies for agriculture. Starting last fall, we brought together a core organizing team to create what is now called GOAT (Gathering for Open Agricultural Technology). Our inaugural conference (actually, an "unconference" ) was held May 7 – May 9th, 2018, at Omega Institute. It was a fantastic experience! Nearly 60 people attended, from all over the world... Learn more

What's going on in your neck of the woods?

This has been a busy spring! There is much interest in forming new BFA Chapters and Discussion Groups all around the United States and also in Canada, and continued commitment among existing Chapters and Groups. There are so many dedicated people in our midst, working tirelessly in running their families and farms and businesses and yet they are committed to sharing their knowledge of restorative biological growing and their time with their fellow gardeners and farmers. Learn more about what's happening around the country!

A Tool for Testing Nutrient Quality: the Prototype is in Production!

We are very excited to announce that the first prototype of the Bionutrient Meter is now in production! A handheld device that anyone can use to flash a light at food and discern levels of nutrient density, or a farmer can use in the field to determine relative crop quality. Many have heard us talk about what it could mean for our food supply, for our farms, as well as human and planetary health if such a tool were to exist. Now, we are no longer just talking about it. After an initial round of testing and tweaking, second generation prototypes will be available later this fall for lab and research partners to use in the calibration process, to identify the spectrum of variation in quality and begin building the correlative database necessary to make it a reality.  Learn more

We Can Solve These Problems

May 12, 2017

The Bionutrient Food Association is working with producers to establish growing practices that yield more nutritious crops, while developing a standard for nutrient-dense foods and a handheld tool to measure those nutrient levels. The idea behind the tool is to use existing technology, like the camera in a Smartphone, to scan produce right in the grocery store, measuring the nutrient-density of the consumer’s food options. The Association’s mission is to empower consumers to choose the most nutrient-dense foods, ultimately rewarding farmers for their improved growing practices. Read more...