Local Chapters

Southeast Iowa

This local chapter is located in/near Fairfield, Iowa.
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Chapter Benefits & Projects: 
  • Mineral Depot - We have a fully stocked and active mineral depot
  • Grower Education - We offer workshops and educational meetings
  • Food Cooperative - Chapter Leader, Faith Reeves, is on the board of our local Southeast Iowa Food Hub
  • Networking with Allied Organizations
  • Consumer Education - We are working with local clients, consulting in areas of soil re-mineralization, balancing a healthy soil micro-biome, assessing plant health, garden planning, preserving harvests and seed saving.
  • Food Quality Research - We are currently collecting data with in-field plant nutrient analysts tools, and creating a data set to correlate and compare soil chemistry, soil biology and plant health.
Upcoming Events & Meetings: 

Next meeting: TBA