S&N Conference 2017: Room & Ride sharing

Post requests and offers for sharing rooms and rides. Coordinate with friends, old or not yet met, to save money, and the environment.

Submitted by Lynn Bement on

I'm looking to share a ride from Logan airport. Arriving at 5:05pm on Tuesday, 11/28 from Chicago.
Also, would like to share a double room for 2 nights, prefer 1 other woman. Reservation is already made.

Submitted by gbathree on

Hey all - coming into Logan on the 27th, looking for a ride from Boston to the conference. Leaving on the 1st. Also interested in sharing a room, happy to share costs for gas! Let me know.

Submitted by joannacampe on

Hi! I am looking for a ride from Northampton to the conference all 3 days. I would like to commute to and from the conference each day, rather than stay at the hotel. I am happy to split gas or bring snacks!

It would be helpful for me if you use eco-friendly detergents and no essential oils.



Submitted by Dan Bender on

I live in West Hartford. It's too far to commute.
If you can provide a couch to flop on for the night, I can provide the transportation.
Guys don't seem to want to share rooms at the conference hotel.
I've been married for 42 years. Nothing I do surprises my wife any more.

Submitted by Cat Buxton on


I'm going to the conference on W and TH. I am looking for a place nearby that I can park my truck and pitch a tent, probably just for Wednesday night. I am very hardy, and completely self sufficient. I even bring my own toilet.

If you can help me find a little patch of ground for the night I would be grateful.

Please email me at catduffybuxton@gmail.com


Looking to share ride from Ann Arbor area leaving Nov 27th returning Nov Dec 1st .Have rented an Enterprise car but open to your vehicle or share train ride, inut if we travel by Amtrak would need to leave on the 26th though to make pre conference.
Have reserved a room at the conference hotel with King size bed (only room available) and can have a roll away also. We can also rent an Air b&b (preferable)

Im driving 3 hours from New Jersey, looking to share a room, thanks.