RBTI workshop with Steve Westin

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RBTI Workshop with Steve Westin
April 22-23, 2015
at Kittredge Farm, North Brookfield, MA

The Bionutrient Food Association is excited to present a two-day workshop focusing on the art, science, and practice of Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI), led by Steve Westin, student of Dr. Carey Reams. Steve is both a teacher and a consultant, and has refined this two-day Workshop over the last thirty years.
A truly unique event not to be missed!


The workshop will focus on the art, science, and practice of Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI). This opportunity offers a deeper level of understanding for growers and those interested in human health, as well as those interested in becoming more involved as soil consultants to support growers’ needs in their local areas. In addition to this workshop, we hope to schedule additional days of hands-on training later this summer, towards the end of July/early August.

This two-day event will be an introduction to the working model of RBTI for Soil and Human Health, focusing on principles as well as hands-on applications.
Topics to be covered include:

  • the science, parameters, and practical application necessary to achieve RBTI,
  • agriculture according to wavelengths, as taught by Dr. Carey Reams,
  • the topics of tillage,
  • soil testing, and how to read the soil test,
  • how to pick a fertilizer and it's proper application in the field,
  • the use of a refractometer and conductivity meter for both soil and human health,
  • and an evening on the art and science of orgone energy.
Schedule outline

The first day of class will be dedicated to the theory and practical application of RBTI/Soil, while the second day will be focused on RBTI/Human. The workshop is scheduled to start both days at 9:00am and finish at 4:30pm, with a potluck lunch each day. A potluck dinner is also scheduled for the first evening (Wednesday), followed by a discussion on the art and science of the practical application of orgone energy, as understood by Steve Westin.

Workshop Leader

Steve Westin, Calcium Commander

Steve is a Geologist by training, Petro Engineer by trade, and a Soil Scientist by choice.

After his service in the US Military, Steve Westin earned a degree in Geology, where he later began a position with Megcobar, a division for Dresser Industries, receiving cutting edge training in their Petro Division. There, Steve had the opportunity to help develop the method used for drilling on the first Geothermal and High Pressure wells in areas around El Centrol, CA and Geyser, MT. During this period of time, Steve earned a certificate and title of "Mud Engineer".

After several years in the "field," Steve reached a pivotal juncture. He became very ill, and the doctors had no real answers on what should be done to help him. One day in a health food store, an elderly woman introduced him to the teachings of Dr. Carey Reams. Soon after, Steve became a student of Dr. Reams, and attended many classes presented in the 70's and until the death of Dr. Reams in 1985. Steve is convinced that learning and living "Reams Biological Theory of Ionization" (RBTI) transformed not only his health, but his entire life! Dr. Reams has inspired Steve to continue the teachings of RBTI.

While studying with Dr. Carey Reams, Steve was also introduced to many other sciences like: orgone by Wilhelm Reich; electricity by Nicola Tesla; color by Col. Dinshah; radionics by Peter Kelly; body electronics by Dr. Robert Becker; iridology by Dr. John Ray; water by Viktor Schauberger and with Johann Grander in Austria; ley lines by Ken Killik; and many others.

Steve teaches many types of sciences, and teaches them purely with respect to each "Master" in their particular field of science. It is in the development and practical implementation that Steve uses the term "the harmonious development of art and sciences," in which he combines all.

Steve's prayer is that everyone interested in healthy living and in eating good food, understands that food must be grown/raised by a husband/wife of the soil. The ancient ones engineered everything in their lives, and used good science, and that is why they lived hundreds of years.

Steve nows lives in Otsego, Michigan, with his wife Mare’ and grown children, spouses and grandchildren.

Steve is as busy as ever teaching, lecturing, and working with people of all walks of life.

Dates, Location & Registration

Dates & Times

Wednesday & Thursday, April 22 & 23, 2015, from 9:00am - 4:30pm
with a potluck lunch both days, and potluck dinner on Wednesday at 5:30pm
followed by an evening discussion from 7:00-9:00 about orgone energy.


Kittredge Farm
24 Hillsville Road
North Brookfield, MA 01535

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Two-Day $250.00 $225.00 $200.00
One-Day $125.00 $112.50 $100.00
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