Nutrient Density at NOFA Summer Conference

Expand your knowledge of nutrient density and many other topics related to organic agriculture at the NOFA Summer Conference. Find a complete listing of over 200 exciting workshops on organic farming, gardening and land care, draft animal-power, homesteading, nutrition, food politics, activism, and much, much more at this web page:

Below is a list of the speakers and topics to be covered addressing nutrient density and related topics. For more details on these talks, visit

Introduction to Soil Fertility
David Forster, Forster Soil Management, Newington, CT

No Grain Dairy, Beef, Sheep and Goat Nutrition
Rebecca Brown, Chilmark, MA

Silicon Soil Fertility and Nutrition
Joseph Heckman, Cook College, Rutgers University, Department of Plant Biology & Pathology, New Brunswick, NJ

Growing Quality Food Biodynamically
Mac Mead, Pfeiffer Center for Biodynamics, Chestnut Ridge, NY

Mitigating Radioactive Toxicity in Agricultural Produce
Tom Vanacore, Bridport, VT

Biological Farm Management
Dave Llewellyn, Glynwood, Cold Spring, NY

Bacterial & Fungal Species in Mineral Availability & Transmutation
Dan Kittredge, Real Food Campaign, North Brookfield, MA

Steiner, Albrecht & others: Conflict & Commonality
Klaas Martens, Lakeview Organic Grain, Penn Yan, NY

Minerals, Trace Elements, Enzymes and Enzyme Pathways
Dan Kittredge, Real Food Campaign, North Brookfield, MA

Some Livestock Best Feeding Practices
Julie Rawson, Many Hands Organic Farm, Barre, MA

Best Practices in the Production of Raw Milk
Tim Wightman, Farm-to-Consumer Foundation, Alstead, NH

Soil: The Super Ecosystem of Ecosystems
Jerry Brunetti, Martins Creek, PA

Managing Air and Water in Soil
Bryan O'Hara, Tobacco Road Farm, Lebannon, CT

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