The First Annual GOAT Conference

The BFA has helped create, plan, and sponsor a new initiative to connect those building out open technologies for agriculture. Starting last fall, we brought together a core organizing team to create what is now called GOAT (Gathering for Open Agricultural Technology).

Our inaugural conference (actually, an "unconference") was held May 7–9, 2018, at Omega Institute.

It was a fantastic experience! Nearly 60 people attended, from all over the world, from farmers using technology to enhance their operations, to software and hardware engineers working on open source ag technology, and university and government agricultural researchers. We had people there focused on social issues, the environment, and even two separate carbon-focused crypto-currency companies.

Many valuable connections were made, and it has energized our open ag technology forum. We invite everyone to check it out - there are a wide variety of topics to plug in to, and some major initiatives to get involved with. Even some agricultural technology job postings!

Interested in learning more? We are working on putting together a follow-up gathering at the upcoming 2018 Soil & Nutrition Conference, what we are referring to with tongue firmly in cheek as the "Kid" Conference. Tentatively, it is scheduled for November 30 - a half day series of discussions during our pre-conference where those interested can learn more, connect with others similarly inclined, and continue to move the dialogue forward.

We are grateful for the generosity of the 11th Hour Project and their financial support.