The central research objective of the BFA is to create a Bionutrient Meter that will provide the consuming public the ability to discern crop nutritive quality before purchase. This tool could also be used by farmers to identify supplements their crops could use while growing, by buyers to choose which crops to accept or not, and by retailers to choose what crops to accept from their wholesale supply chain. It is our assumption that if quality can be determined before purchase, there will be an economic incentive for growers to do a better job with quality.

We are engaged in original research to identify relative disparities in nutritive levels in crops. There are numerous means to accomplish this objective, namely flavor, brix, odor, tissue testing, near infrared spectroscopy, raman spectroscopy, and x-ray fluorescence. While we develop our efforts on this front we would like to give the general public the ability to help identify what quality is currently available in the market. For those who wish to get engaged, the best mode is through joining the Bionutrient Food Association as a member, with the add-on of a brix kit, with a refractometer, brix press and brix chart. This package is available to members only at a significant discount from standard retail prices. Members are invited to document brix readings of crops in their local area, whether from their own land, local farms, or area markets. Eventually, we aim to provide the functionality where members can upload that information onto our website. This information will build out an overview of what is currently available and help guide those who are interested toward the best local suppliers of high quality crops.