Conference Speakers

The Soil & Nutrition Conference will engage farmers, researchers, nutritionists and food system advocates for a multidisciplinary conversation exploring the potential to improve food quality through regenerative agriculture that builds soil, crop and ecosystem health. We bring together some of the leading thinkers and practitioners outstanding in their fields to share with you their insights and personal experience, so that we can continue to grow the movement to increase quality in the food supply! Below are a few of this year's featured speakers, with more profiles to come soon!

Keynote Speaker

Dan Kittredge

Bionutrient Food Association
Founder & Executive Director

Perhaps you are already familiar with Dan through one of his workshops about the principles and practices of biological farming and growing bionutrient-rich crops, at the core of which is the connection between soil health and human health and environmental health. If so, you've likely heard him speak about the vision for a handheld device that a consumer could use to point at a tomato, for example, or a bunch of carrots, and push a button to get a read on it's relative nutritive quality. To say such a device has the potential to be a game-changer is not an understatement. Dan will be presenting on the exciting progress made on the prototype tool, the Bionutrient Meter, defining food quality via the Real Food Campaign, and our movement strategy to increase quality in the food supply.

Speaker Spotlight

Elaine Ingham

Soil Foodweb Inc.
Researcher, consultant, author
and Founder & President of Soil Foodweb
Ray Archuleta

Soil health specialist, agronomist, educator
Christine Jones

Founder of Carbon for Life, Inc. & Amazing Carbon
Soil ecologist, consultant, educator
David Montgomery

University of Washington
MacArthur Fellow & Prof of Geomorphology, author
Guido Masé

VT Center for Integrative Herbalism
Clinical herbalist, educator, author
Kathleen DiChiara, FDN-P, BNI-P

Educator, health advocate, author
Bryan O'Hara

Tobacco Road Farm
Farmer, speaker
Glen Rein, PhD

Quantum Biology Research Lab, Innovative Biophysical Technologies
Co-founder of QBRL and IBT, author of "Quantum Biology: Healing with Subtle Energy"

More speaker profiles to be added soon!