Conference Speakers

The 6th Annual Soil & Nutrition Conference is our most ambitious effort yet, with more than 27 speakers scheduled over the course of the event. The conference will engage farmers, researchers, nutritionists and food system advocates for a multidisciplinary conversation exploring the potential to improve food quality through regenerative agriculture that builds soil, crop and ecosystem health. We bring together some of the leading thinkers and practitioners outstanding in their fields to share with you their insights and personal experience, so that we can continue to grow the movement to increase quality in the food supply! Below are a few of this year's featured speakers, with more profiles to come soon!

Keynote Speaker

Joel Salatin

Polyface Farm
Farmer, author, and impassioned
advocate of healthy soil biota

Maybe you’ve read one of Joel Salatin’s many books, such as his bestselling You Can Farm, or seen him in the documentaries Food, Inc. or Farmageddon. A vocal proponent of ecological and locally-focused farming methods, looking to and mimicking "nature's template" as a guiding principle, and of course, earthworms - "We’re really in the earthworm enhancement business," Joel likely needs little introduction. We are very excited to welcome him to this year's Soil & Nutrition Conference.

Speaker Spotlight

Lane Selman, M.ENT

Oregon State University
Farmer, educator, researcher, creator of the Culinary Breeding Network
John Kempf

Advancing Eco Agriculture
Crop health consultant, founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture
Mark Fulford

Teltane Farm
Regenerative farmer, consultant, educator
John Navazio

Johnny’s Selected Seeds
veteran plant breeder, agroecologist, and organic seed production specialist
Selena Ahmed, PhD

Montana State University
Researcher, Assistant Professor
Jean-Paul Courtens

Roxbury Farm, Hudson Valley Farm Hub
Farmer, Associate Director at Hudson Valley Farm Hub
Fred Provenza, PhD

Professor emeritus of Behavioral Ecology, Utah State University
Author, researcher and pioneer in behavioral ecology
John Bagnulo, MPH, PhD

Center for Mind Body Medicine
Nutritionist, educator and researcher
Guido Masé

VT Center for Integrative Herbalism
Clinical herbalist, educator, author
Kathleen DiChiara, FDN-P, BNI-P

Educator, health advocate, author
Vail Dixon

Simple Soil Solutions
Regenerative farmer, founder of Simple Soil Solutions
Will Brownback

Spiral Path Farm
Bryan O'Hara

Tobacco Road Farm
David Forster

Agronomy consultant, Bionutrient Food Association, Forster Soil Management
Erika Jones

FairShare CSA Coalition
Executive Director
Jack Kittredge

NOFA/Mass, The Natural Farmer
Carbon Analyst for NOFA/Mass, editor of The Natural Farmer
Julie Rawson

NOFA/Mass, Many Hands Organic Farm
Executive Director of NOFA/Mass, farmer
Kevin Archer

Peace Meal Supper Club
Chef, author
Phil Jones

Jones Family Farm
Michael Kandianis, PhD

Founding member of Shell NanoLab
Visiting scientist at Utrecht University
Dane Terrill

Crop Services International and Flowerfield Enterprises
Director of Sales, Soil Consultant
Seroya Crouch, ND

Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine
Associate Director
Crystal Stewart, MS

Cornell Cooperative Extension
Organic vegetable specialist
Lloyd Willard

Executive Director of TheGoodLand
Co-owner of Creation View Images
Faith Reeves

Sky Factory Farm,
Sustainability Research Institute

Farm manager
Glen Rein, PhD

Quantum Biology Research Lab, Innovative Biophysical Technologies
Co-founder of QBRL and IBT, author of "Quantum Biology: Healing with Subtle Energy"
Kurt Beil ND, MPH

Clinician, assistant adjunct professor at NCNM
Bob Schindelbeck, MS

Cornell Soil Health Laboratory
Extension Associate in the Dept of Crop and Soil Science

Note: It is with great regret that Jean-Martin Fortier has had to cancel his appearance at the 6th Annual Soil & Nutrition Conference. Although we are disappointed that he will not be joining us, we wish him well, and hope to see him speak at a future S&N Conference.