High Bionutrient Crop Production Workshops

Principles & Practices of Biological Management

This two-day course provides an overview of the principles and practices of biological farming. Our goal is to build upon your knowledge and experience to find ways to increase the health of your soil and crops for greater yields, healthier produce and better marketability. Nearly 2,000 growers have attended the course over the past five years; our attendance continues to grow thanks to word-of-mouth promotion of the course by previous attendees!

Participation-based with questions and answers, the workshop is designed for farmers, growers, and gardeners of any type to learn current research and proven methods, and go step-by-step through the processes that will lead to optimum crop health and sustained yield.

Course Instructor: Dan Kittredge
Executive Director of the Bionutrient Food Association, Dan is the son of prominent leaders in the organic movement, and has been an organic farmer since childhood. His experience managing organic farms and developing sustainable agriculture techniques has connected him to farmers in Central America, Russia, India and the United States. Dan is passionate about raising the quality of nutrition in our food supply through collaboration with committed individuals, businesses, and organizations that support the value of people growing and eating really good food.

Course Description

The High Bionutrient Crop Production course is designed to help participants grasp and apply innovative, reliable principles and practices for producing healthier, better tasting food crops. The course (click here for detailed syllabus) begins with an analysis of participants' soil tests, and a discussion of recommended soil amendments and cover crops to address soil health deficiencies. We follow with a number of topics and themes related to helping plants achieve their full genetic potential through management of the environmental factors of soil, air, water, minerals and biodiversity. In day two, we immerse ourselves further with a review of plant nutritional needs by growth stage and an array of troubleshooting and diagnostic approaches to guide you throughout the growing season.

Each session consists of a classroom-style discussion and illustrative examples. Registrants are asked to procure their own soil tests prior to the course, and instructions for interpreting those will be covered during the workshop.

Course Fees

The cost for a two-sessions workshop is $200, or $175 for BFA members.
Scholarship assistance is available for workshops in Lewes, DE, Montpelier, VT, and Ann Arbor, MI– see below.

Locations & Dates

Note: We're in the process still of scheduling new workshops for Winter 2016 through Spring 2017 - let us know if you are interested in helping organize a workshop near you!  Please reach out to BFA Course Administrator, Gary Neves to inquire about scheduling a workshop in your community.

2016-2017 Courses


Ann Arbor, MI at Michigan State University Extension Classroom - Washtenaw County Building  (map)
November 12 & 13, 2016


Montpelier, VT at City Hall, Memorial Room  (map)
Presented in partnership with the Vermont Community Garden Network.
January 7 & March 18, 2017


Athens (The Plains), OH at Rural Action  (map)
January 21 & 22, 2017


Lewes, DE at The Net House (211 Front Street)  (map)
February 5 & 6, 2017
Presented in partnership with the Historic Lewes Farmers Market.
Introductory talk also at The Net House on Thursday, January 12, 2017, 6:30-8:00pm

New York

Bedford Hills, NY at Westchester Land Trust  (map)
February 12 & March 19, 2017


Richmond, VA at CreateSpace  (map)
February 18 & 19, 2017


Pomona, CA at The Growing Club  (map)
February 25 & 26, 2017

Sebastopol, CA at Permaculture Skills Center  (map)
March 4 & 5, 2017
Note: Registration for this location is being handled by the host organization - Permaculture Skills Center – jump over to their site to continue with registration.

New Hampshire

Keene, NH at and sponsored by Hannah Grimes Center  (map)

Registration & Financial Assistance

Those registering and paying the full amount for any course may do so securely online with a credit card below. Those wishing to mail in a check may click below for a form to be printed out and mailed in. The cost of the workshops is $200 for the two sessions. Members whose status is current are entitled to a discounted workshop cost of $175. Not sure about your BFA membership status? Check here.

Financial assistance is being offered for the Lewes, DE, Montpelier, VT, and Ann Arbor, MI workshops. Scholarship funding for these workshops is being sourced by the local workshop organizers — the Historic Lewes Farmers Market, Vermont Community Garden Network, and the SE Michigan BFA Chapter. These scholarships offer generous support for growers who wish to attend the course, but need assistance. For more information about scholarships for the Lewes workshop, please contact the workshop organizer, Niamh Shortt. For more information about scholarships for the Montpelier workshop, please contact the workshop organizer, Jessica Hyman.

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