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Dan Kittredge: "Live Your Vision"

Available now for your listening pleasure on The Drew Pearlman Show - a delightful vision to reflect upon as we approach the winter solstice during this time when health is at the forefront of our minds.


Dan offers this advice: “If we can be present with how each thing in our life makes us feel, that can guide us... We all have that in-built capacity for discernment.” And we can use that capacity to discern between that which energizes us and that which drains us, and then make thoughtful decisions accordingly.

The RFC is 4 years old! ... August 2020 update

While the world seems to oscillate between standing still or exploding with tension, we are here as a reminder that we are in this together, and that we are moving steadily forward. Our roots are deeply anchored in our mission to increase quality in the food supply, and we are so thankful you are connected to us in this work. This update provides an overview of our 2019 season as well as what we have underway in this 2020 season. When we look back four years ago, we are buoyed to see what we've accomplished. When we look forward and imagine the next four years, we are bursting with the bounty yet to come.  Read on

Nutrition per acre - a new measure of farming success

March 23, 2020

Towards the end of last year, whilst listening to an episode of the Regenerative Agriculture podcast, I was fascinated to learn about a prototype handheld spectrometer being developed by the Bionutrient Food Association in the US, which uses the signature of reflected light from food samples to give a potential indication of their nutritional density. Although this technology is still in its development phase, and a significant amount of data needs to be collected to calibrate the readings from each food type, it has the potential to enable any farmer or grower to measure the nutrient density of their crop (be it grass, grain, fruit, vegetables and potentially also meat and dairy products further down the line). On top of this, it could also allow consumers to make a quick assessment the quality of the food they're purchasing. But in nutrition terms, what makes one field of carrots different from the next? It's an important question, particularly as we're constantly being told that we all need to eat more veg - it's now not just 5, but 10 portions a day. But which 10? And where should we be getting these from? This question extends far beyond vegetables and is something more and more people are starting to think about. Read the full article

New! BFA Garden Kits for growing nutrient dense food

What’s got Dan so happy? Well, he's holding our new Garden Kits!

What's a garden kit? – It’s a broad spectrum fertility program for the home gardener complete with our custom mineral blend, liquid feed, and seed inoculant.

Sounds cool, but does it make a big difference? – Yes! This kit is designed to prime your soil, seeds, and plants for season of vigor and vitality! But you don’t have to take our word for it; this year we are conducting side-by-side trials in our lab.

How do I get one? – Thought you’d never ask! Ordering is easy on our website; available to BFA members in the US.

Anything else? – Get ready to have your best garden yet! Learn more and get yours today!

The go-to vegetable grower’s manual

After growers and gardeners have taken our two-day Principles of Biological Systems course, they frequently ask me if there's a single book out there that encompasses all that they have just learned in the weekend workshop, a book that summarizes the practices and insights they could dig in and refer to later.
This is that book.
Coming out this month, this is, quite frankly, the best practical manual for vegetable growers that I am aware of. Read more