Fresh From the Field

Not all food is created equal: An RFC update

A note from Dan Kittredge, Founder of BFA/RFC
Friends – Late summer is upon us, that time of year when the nights are cool, the air begins to smell of fall, and the abundant variety of the harvest is in its full splendor. Here at the BFA, the season feels similar. After the deep preparation of winter and seeding in the spring, the fullness of our work is yielding rich fruit. I’m excited to share the progress we’ve made this year with our research and the Real Food Campaign. Read more

RFC Final Report from 2018 Survey

The final report of analysis from the RFC 2018 Survey is now available! Over the course of 5 months last year, we analyzed samples from data partners in 7 states from 50 unique stores and 68 farms/gardeners. To begin, two types of produce were collected, carrots and spinach, as we began the process of understanding what nutrient variation exists in our food supply, and how we need to calibrate the bionutrient meter so that we can identify that variation. It’s long, but worth a read! We've also uploaded a video walk-through of the report for those who prefer that medium. For an inside look at our process, be sure to check out the other lab and bionutrient meter updates Greg has posted: https://lab.realfoodcampaign.org/author/gba/

2018 Soil & Nutrition Conference video now online

We are excited to share the first videos from the 8th annual Soil & Nutrition Conference! Over the coming months, we will be rolling out video from the 8th annual Soil & Nutrition Conference as quickly as we can edit and refine the raw files, with the hope that we post at least one per week. And first up is the ever-knowledgeable John Kempf. We invite you to enjoy the insights shared in his pre-conference session: The Principles & Science of Developing Regenerative Agricultural Ecosystems

If you were unable to attend this year, we want to give you a chance to experience the vibrant energy and insights felt by all who were there. And for those of you that were in attendance, here’s a chance to dive deeper into your notes and revisit all of those key points that tickled your brain! Please, share, comment and like if you can - and check back regularly for more SNC2018 videos! Visit the Conference Archives