Fresh From the Field

New! BFA Garden Kits for growing nutrient dense food

What’s got Dan so happy? Well, he's holding our new Garden Kits!

What's a garden kit? – It’s a broad spectrum fertility program for the home gardener complete with our custom mineral blend, liquid feed, and seed inoculant.

Sounds cool, but does it make a big difference? – Yes! This kit is designed to prime your soil, seeds, and plants for season of vigor and vitality! But you don’t have to take our word for it; this year we are conducting side-by-side trials in our lab.

How do I get one? – Thought you’d never ask! Ordering is easy on our website; available to BFA members in the US.

Anything else? – Get ready to have your best garden yet! Learn more and get yours today!

The go-to vegetable grower’s manual

After growers and gardeners have taken our two-day Principles of Biological Systems course, they frequently ask me if there's a single book out there that encompasses all that they have just learned in the weekend workshop, a book that summarizes the practices and insights they could dig in and refer to later.
This is that book.
Coming out this month, this is, quite frankly, the best practical manual for vegetable growers that I am aware of. Read more

Growing Real Food For Nutrition

On the BBC Today show, our friend Matt Adams, an ecologist in the UK, demonstrates with a refractometer that not all food is created equal. He explains that while a brix reading is suggestive, it is still only correlative rather than definitive regarding nutrient quality in foods, and then shares a bit about our Bionutrient Meter and the ongoing field testing that is in the works. Matt is partnering with the Real Food Campaign to conduct citizen science research trials in the UK to further develop and calibrate the Bionutrient Meter. Matt goes into further detail in an article, "Growing Food for Nutrition", he wrote for the Winter 2020 Soil Association magazine, Organic Farming. Read it here

Joel Salatin offers high praise for the BFA

We recently received a note of congratulations on an editorial by Joel Salatin praising our work in the Stockman Grass Farmer, of which he is Editor. In the article, available here, he applauds the progress we have made in developing the Bionutrient Meter and in beginning the process of defining the range of nutrient variation in our food supply. Joel is known for not being a joiner and for rarely, if ever, blessing entities or organizations. In fact, he admits, "I've been waiting a decade to write this column." We are very proud that he has taken the stand to speak about the importance of our work. Read the article...

John Kempf - brilliant, as always

The next two recordings we are releasing from the 9th Annual Soil & Nutrition Conference are workshops presented by John Kempf. For those unfamiliar, John is a young, brilliant leader in the Biological Agriculture community. Well-known for his work as founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture, one of the leading biological agronomy companies in North America, John also hosts a very successful podcast, offers webinars, and has recently launched a blog – all of which can be found at www.johnkempf.com.  He even has an excellent reading list for those interested in curling up with a couple books this winter. As Joel Salatin says, when asked what helps him succeed, “read broadly”.

John kicked off his first workshop, The Future: Bringing Regenerative Agriculture into the Mainstream, by announcing a collaborative effort with the Bionutrient Food Association to build out the first-ever “AI Agronomist”, with the goal of providing real-time guidance to growers at any scale and anywhere, empowering farmers to tap into the existing (and growing) wealth of scientific information so they can produce crops that are healthier, with greater pest and disease resistance, as well as a more nutrient-dense crop.  Read more...