Bionutrient Meter: How to get involved

So how do you get the development kit?

Simple enough! All who are interested in getting involved in the Real Food Campaign are invited to purchase the Bionutrient Meter Development Kit. Cost of the Development Kit is $377.

Order today!

Even if you aren't the type to get a tool and point it at everything you see, to fill out forms online to tell us what you are measuring, how it was grown, etc... There are still many ways to get involved in this exciting project!

Learn more and shape the project

Join the discussion in the forums.
Get involved with the project.
Donate — “Sponsor” an in-lab sample assessment ($100 donation allows us to perform 1 full suite of tests on a sample, getting us closer to our goal of building out the calibrations necessary to discern quality metrics from the data our devices gather in the field)
View and contribute to the hardware and software.
Spread the word — we need scientists, farmers, educators, donors, etc. Evangelize the food quality revolution!

To see some exciting pictures of the device in action, our laboratory operations, and learn about the very cool science being done in our transparent, crowd-funded project, check out this blog post from the lab: RFC Lab: A day in the life

For a more in-depth look, you can read our detailed project description: Real Food Campaign: Tools for Transparency

Be sure to stay in the loop on our lab happenings: