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Central Virginia

This local chapter is located Central Virginia.
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Upcoming Events & Meetings: 

Next Bionutrient Food & Farming Meet up & Potluck
When: March 25th, 2018 from 2:00-4:30pm
Where: Hill Vegetables Farm
5964 West Old Mountain Road, Louisa, VA 23093 [map]

Hello everybody!! Our March meeting promises to be a lot of fun with the tour of Susan's hoop houses!

Topic: Growing High Quality Food in Hoop Houses
· Potluck Social
· BFA organization/chapter announcements
· Presentation/Q&A
· Walking Tour of the Hoop Houses

Please bring utensils, plate, cup and a chair!


Vail Dixon of Simple Soil Solutions has a separate and related monthly meeting online.  Join the monthly free conference call, and learn how to reap the benefits of weeds, a.k.a. Nature’s cover crops.

To learn more go to: www.gotweeds.solutions
It goes to a free online, on-demand training that we want people to watch before joining the call!

From Vail: It is also linked from the Facebook event, but wanted you to know how it works: first the training...then we get together live to discuss specific application in the real world. We take questions live and also submitted in advance. We send out replays also for those who watch the free training but can't make it live.

And coupons for 20% off any of our programs and workshops for anyone who submits questions in advance (more than 30 min before the start of the call).
Hope to "see" you there!

Fun Foliar Spray & Soil Drench recipe:

Covers 1,000 sq. ft. and could be allowed to sit for a few hours before spraying in order for the microbes to start breaking down the other ingredients. - each brand may be different, so check labels.
Base mixture:
⅓ cup EM or another microbial product
1 cup sea minerals or ¼ tsp sea salt
1 cup liquid fish hydrolysate
4 tsp liquid kelp
⅓ cup of molasses (dissolved in warm water first (from below water)
4 gallons of water
2 cups compost tea or more
½ tsp humic acids
½ tsp Azomite
2 tsp rock dust
Optional: ⅓ cup Indigenous Microorganisms or other broad spectrum inoculant.
Start with the water, add any micronutrients you are using, followed by molasses and biostimulants and then microbial inoculants.