Local Chapters

North Shore / Metro West Boston, MA

This local chapter is located in/near North Shore/Metro West Boston, MA.

Upcoming Events & Meetings: 

John and Wendy Shairs live in Danvers, MA, and have gardened for about 10 years with the addition of a permaculture install plus hugelkultur in 2014. We started our quest for health many, many years ago as fitness enthusiasts, and then realized the importance of the food that we eat, and how hard it was to come by truly nutrient dense foods.   We joined the BFA after hearing Dan do a talk in Newbury, MA six years ago, and have attended the past two Soil & Nutrition Conferences.  We care about the future of food and farming, and its effects on the next generations.

We are planning our first Chapter meeting in January in our barn.  Please email bfansmwma@gmail.com for more information.