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Southeast Ohio

This local chapter is located in/near Amesville, OH/Southeast Ohio.
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Chapter Benefits & Projects: 
  • Mineral Depot
  • Grower Education
  • Consumer Education
  • Networking with Allied Organizations
  • Food Quality Research
Upcoming Events & Meetings: 

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Coming up...
Workshop with Dan Kittredge: Principles of Biological Systems
When: Wednesday, May 11 & 12, 2019
Where: Athens, OH (location TBA)
Participation-based with questions and answers, the workshop is designed for farmers, growers, and gardeners of any type to learn current research and proven methods, and go step-by-step through the processes that will lead to optimum crop health and sustained yield.

You will learn about:
• Soil Testing & Interpretation
• Mineral Balancing for Nutrition and Soil Structure
• Improving/Maintaining the Soil Food Web
• Stages of Plant Growth and their Nutritional Needs

Whether you are a large or small farmer, home gardener or just getting interested, this workshop will help you improve your soil’s food web while improving the quality and yield of your farms and gardens.

Click here to learn more and register.