Local Chapters

Westminster, MA

This BFA Discussion Group is located in and around Westminster, MA.
To contact/join, please see the contact info on the left.

Chapter Benefits & Projects: 

The Westminster BFA Discussion Group spearheads "The Growing Great Food (and Flowers!) Working Group", now in its fifth year! They meet every second Sunday of the month, January through November. Different people will be contributing to the content as the season moves along. They are meeting soon to decide the direction of the upcoming growing season, but 2018 topics included building permaculture concepts into homeowner-based landscape designs, basics of soil development, balancing nutrients and the living plants digestive system, troubleshooting in a real yard with real gardens, cover crops and other wintering techniques, and more!

Upcoming Events & Meetings: 

The goal of this working group is to produce the best quality plants of all kinds (fruits, flowers, veggies, trees…) for anyone who’s interested in asking questions, experimenting and participating. This can mean helping with a presentation, taking photos, creating spreadsheets, garden journals, online data collection - your choice and there can, and perhaps should be, more than one way of working with information. The end result should be that you have the best gardens that you’ve ever had and food to store, sell or share with family and friends – a win/win for sure!

2019 Schedule
When: Every second Sunday of the month January through November from 2:30-4:30 pm.
Where: 7 South St, Westminster, MA - Public Safety Building, Conference Room [map]
Please park in the school parking lot opposite the building – you’ll be towed otherwise!

March 17  Pruning demonstration at Ralph and Ellie's. Please note that you must have SHARP tools to participate!
April 14  Container gardening - Be Successful!
May 12  Basics of Good Planting: Hands-on - Mineral mixing Day at ML's
June 9  Bees and Pollinators - critical to your garden’s success
July 7  Herbs: Increasing the quality of aromatic oils, harvesting, storing
August TBA  Fall Greens/Herbs in Containers (arugula, cilantro, parsley, lettuce, etc.)
September 10  Plant Propagation: The basics
October 13  Discover Fungi: Edible mushroom hunt with prep for a workshop (to hold over until April 2020 for inoculation)
November 10  Tasting Potluck, season wrap up and seed swap!

Hope you can join us!