Chapter Leader Handbook


RESPECT for others (other Chapter Leaders, members, farmers, etc).

As we stated earlier, our chapter leaders come from a wide range of ethnic, cultural, religious and economic backgrounds. They have different styles of management and varying energy levels. We ask that all chapter leaders make the utmost effort to be respectful of the work that other chapter leaders are doing.

If you feel that a chapter leader, or any other member or leader of the organization, is engaging in unethical activity that we should know about, please contact the BFA office directly, and of course, it is fine to politely disagree with someone, but under no circumstances should a chapter leader be disparaged or slandered.

Chapter leaders who engage in personal attacks on others, whether members, chapter leaders, local farmers and food producers, or anyone else, will be dropped. There will be no exceptions.     

Chapter Leaders are Volunteers

Chapter leaders are not paid, and should not attempt to be paid.  Reimbursement for documented expenses is allowed.

Chapter Leader Businesses

Many chapter leaders have businesses in fields related to the work of the Bionutrient Food Assocation.  We would like to encourage those with careers and interests in this subject to become involved with the association, but ask that you make a concerted effort to refrain from using the BFA chapter as a means to promoting your business or give the impression of bias or self-dealing.  Please respect members privacy and the confidentiality of information gathered (including member contact information) as a result of BFA chapter activities and refrain from using your position for personal gain.

Joint Chapter Leaders

Very often two people working together set up a local chapter; it is fine for two people to be chapter leaders together. (Both chapter leaders should be members in good standing of the BFA.) However, we do not list more than two people. If more than two people want to take an active role in a local chapter, consider letting additional interested parties serve as committee leaders.

Geographic Considerations

As a general rule, we would like to encourage people to join existing chapters when reasonable close.  However, at this time we are refraining to set a specific rule regarding distance between chapters.  It is in everyone's best interest to work together and communicate with nearby chapters and we certainly suggest that those contemplating starting a new chapter reach out to others.

Local Chapter Name

We require that official chapters of the BFA be named after the area in which you operate.  Examples would be "Bionutrient Food Association - Berkshires (MA) Chapter", or "Greater Hartford (CT) Area Chapter of the Bionutrient Food Association". 

Business Cards

We suggest chapter leaders make up business cards for their local chapter members to hand out at events, farms, or when introducing someone to the BFA while waiting to pay in stores or at farmers markets.  An attractive business card with your name, your chapter name and contact info, and the BFA logo can be ordered from local or online printing companies.

Chapter Leader Network

TO DO:  We should create a facebook group and associated networking "infrastructure" (conference calls, meeting, social media, etc) to facilitate communication among chapter leaders to share best practices, events, etc.

Political Activities

While many chapter leaders and BFA members will be politically active, the BFA does not, and cannot, endorse or support political candidates or political parties, and this applies to chapter activities as well. Please do not use your chapter or chapter activities to promote or endorse a particular political candidate. To do so would jeopardize our tax-exempt status.

Chapter Activities Open to All

Chapter activities are open to all, regardless of race, religion, gender or lifestyle. Individual chapters may choose to adopt their own codes of conduct (for dealing with aggressive or overly disrespectful people) and restrict those who habitually violate them.