Reviews: Dan Skow & Charles Walters

Mainline Farming for Century 21

Dan Skow & Charles Walters

Mainline Farming for Century 21Charles Walters is the founder and head of Acres USA, which is a forum for organic farming.  Acres publishes many books on all aspects of farming, and holds an annual conference in the heartland of the US.  This organization is on the cutting edge of agronomy in this country.  Dan Skow is a veterinarian and a student of the late Carey Reams.  Many of Dr. Skow's lectures can be found on the Acres website as DVDs and audio tapes.  Charles Walters has written numerous articles and books, and his works can be found on that site as well.

Mainline Farming for Century 21 explores in more depth many of the topics taught in our Principles of Biological Systems workshops, and would be a valuable resource for anyone wanting to go deeper into Reams method.  There is much in this book for those who are interested in balancing the minerals in their soil.  Like many other books of this kind, it is better to own a copy to dip into.