Reviews: Louis Kervran

Biological Transmutations

Louis Kervran

Biological TransmutationsBREAKING NEWS!!!  LEAD INTO GOLD!  Scientists Report Lab Success in Transmuting Lead into Gold. Exclusive Report to the Bionutrient Food Association. READ IT HERE!! That would get everyone's attention, yes? But really, these days, who cares? I would rather have bought Intel at $6. Now, there's a gold mine.  The fact is, we haven't had much success transmuting lead into gold, and what we have transmuted usually turns out to be radio-active.  But what if everything around us, including us, was transmuting elements all the time without giving it a moment's thought? You would think that would be big news---and you would be wrong.  I have been reading in the fields of nutrition and agriculture for years and this is the first I have heard of it even if the ideas have been around since 1799.  Vauquelin, a French chemist found that hens excreted in feces and egg more lime than existed in the oats he fed them. In 1822, another French man, Choubard, germinated same watercress seeds in an inert dish (glass) and found that the young plants contained minerals that did not exist in the seeds. In 1844, Vogel found that watercress plants contained more sulfur than was in the seeds when none was added. In 1875, Von Herzeele concluded that there was a transmutation of elements occurring when he grew plants in a well-studied medium (sic), and found discrepancies in the weights of magnesium.  In 1960 these studies were published by Baranger, but he was scooped by Louis Kervan, who in 1959 published the results of his years of experiments and announced to the world that not only molecules but atoms themselves can be transformed. Naturally, Kervran was ridiculed but he also received some strong support.  Ultimately, scientists from around the world and the governments of Russia and China invited him to come and train their scientists.