Mineral Depot Program

Our Mineral Depot Program helps connect members with sources of hard-to-find amendments bought in bulk at reduced prices.

Orders are processed twice a year.
Spring orders are due April 1
Fall orders are due September 1

Members must work with their local chapters to combine orders using the "Foodclub" ordering system. This helps us get everyone better pricing and much better shipping rates.
You can request an account on foodclub here: https://foodclub.org/bfa/login

If there is no chapter in your area, please consider starting one! Or select the closest chapter and arrange to pickup your materials there.

Grower Members can participate in the group ordering directly through us by contacting agronomy@bionutrient.org, but you are still encouraged to go through your local chapter to get the best rates on shipping.

Liquid and inoculant orders will be processed throughout the year on a rolling basis.

Currently, as we are transitioning to this new schedule, we will work to fulfill all orders submitted before May 15, but note that we are limited to inventory on hand.

Our available inventory consists of the following items:

You can check our listing of materials here
while we are transitioning to the online ordering system.

Mineral Depot Listing

Boron Zinc Premix
Calcium Borate
Coal Screenings
Desert Dynamin
Garden Blend
Spring Blend
KS Plus
OMRI Copper Sulfate
OMRI Zinc Sulfate
Potassium Sulfate
Sea Salt
Elemental Sulfur

Additionally, we have the following liquids and inoculants on hand:

Agri-Dynamics (full line is available)
Plant-Sure (liquid)
Foliate K (liquid)
Rhizo-Shield (powdered inoculant)

TerraBiotics powdered inoculants on hand (full line is available)
Soil Infusion
Growth Plus