Consider BFA in your year-end giving
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Consider BFA in your year-end giving

The time is now.

Join us in championing regenerative farming that's better for people and the planet.

You don’t have to be in Paris to take climate action: support regenerative farming today!

There is growing consensus that regenerative agriculture practices that return carbon from the air to the soil are among the most important and effective tools available to combat climate change. The Bionutrient Food Association (BFA), a 4-year old nonprofit organization that teaches "biological farming" methods to farmers across the U.S., is doing the kind of grass-roots work necessary to spread regenerative farming knowledge amongst producers and food system advocates.

Be more than spectator as the Paris climate talks begin — consider focusing your #GivingTuesday or year-end charitable contributions on organizations implementing carbon-negative strategies on the ground today!  Learn more about BFA and how you can help.

Support BFA's work for healthier soils, crops and eaters!

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We educate farmers and gardeners

The Bionutrient Food Association was granted non-profit status in 2012 and is rapidly expanding to become a national organization. Over the past four years, over 1,500 farmers and gardeners have participated in our two-day workshops to learn the principles of biological farming — motivated by the desire to improve their soil health, ecosystem health and crop quality.

Help us add the capacity to teach thousands, rather than hundreds of farmers annually.

We support biological farming adoption

Farmers adopting biological management are not well served by vendors serving large-scale conventional agriculture. BFA is working to support these farmers through the creation of regional Mineral Depots, which offer soil amendment minerals and other key resources at lower costs. We offer free consultations to BFA members, providing one-on-one support to producers as they begin these new practices.

Help us expand Mineral Depots and offer one-on-one consultation to support farmers as they climb the biological learning curve!

We are building the food quality movement

In early 2016, BFA will host the Soil & Nutrition Conference — an important venue where producers, researchers, nutritionists and food system advocates can network and learn methods to improve food quality while restoring ecosystem health. Click here to learn more.

Support our work with food system partners to advocate for food quality.

We work to advance regenerative farming research

BFA is initiating collaborative research to address critical gaps in regenerative agriculture research. Only 2% of USDA research grants are focused on approaches like biological management that can build ecosystem health, eliminate agricultural pollution and help reverse climate change. In partnership with our newly formed BFA Scientific Advisory Panel, we are working to get biological farming on the research funding agenda!

Support our research to quantify the benefits of biological farming.

2015 Year-End Goal: $150,000 to support these critical initiatives

We've laid it out here... BFA has "shovel ready" projects critical to advance our mission. With $150,000 in additional funding we can significantly advance all of these initiatives in 2016 — reaching a larger audience and kick-starting important research to better serve biological farmers (and the policymakers who should support them). As more farmers embrace regenerative approaches that help heal the earth and better nourish eaters, they need our support and yours.

BFA welcomes your year-end donation in any amount!

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