Dec 4-6 • Stockbridge, MA

Nature as Solution

Cultivating synergy to put nutrition & flavor back on the table

This year’s Soil & Nutrition Conference is a one-of- a-kind learning opportunity for home gardeners and farmers of all scales, educators, health professionals, life and soil science investigators, and all consumers conscious about food flavor, food nutrition, soil health and preservation of these qualities for generations to come...
With over 40 presentations and workshops given by world-class researchers, authors, revolutionary food producers and vocal food quality advocates including a keynote by prolific author and innovative farmer Joel Salatin, attendees can engage in a dialogue on why food quality demands our attention, how food production can shift environmental quality, what implications these changes have on human health, and why support of local food systems is more critical than ever.

Gain insights from nearly 30 speakers, all thought-leaders in their fields, including:
Mark Fulford
John Kempf
Jean-Martin Fortier
John Navazio
Jean-Paul Courtens
Julie Rawson
Jack Kittredge
Erica Jones
Guido Masé
Will Brownback
Kathleen DiChiara
Lane Selman
Fred Provenza
John Bagnulo
Vail Dixon
Glen Rein
Phil Jones...
and many more!
A taste of past conferences:
Bringing people together across the food movement to share the perspectives of successful farmers, cutting-edge researchers, and pioneers of food quality, this conference is a nexus of information and networking for all interested in delving deeper into the importance and connection of soil & nutrition.

Thank you to our generous sponsors supporting this conference!

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