BFA Mineral Depots

You've pored over the various catalogs and finally got your seed order in – but don't forget your soil amendments, too!  Spring is fast approaching, so that means it’s time to send us your mineral depot orders. We have a large selection of materials available for members – check out the listing here:

Some items are out of stock, but if you get your orders in soon, we may, depending on demand, bring in some of the more obscure items that we don’t currently have. Your order is not considered final until you confirm your total after we send you an invoice. So please submit your order now so that we can plan for material demand, even if you change your mind on some of the items later.

Remember – the mineral depot is for BFA members only, so join or renew today!

Agronomy conference call

with David Forster, BFA soil & farm consultant
The next Agronomy Conference Call with David Forster, our in-house soil and farm consultant, will be held at 3pm (EST) on Wednesday, February 8, 2017.

This free 1-hour call is your chance to get your questions answered by our staff agronomist. And tell your friends... everyone’s invited!  (BFA membership is not required).

If you have specific questions or topics you'd like to hear about, please post ahead of time in the forum to be sure we get to your questions, and to make our limited time more effective and efficient. 

Sign up here for our agronomy newsletter and we'll let you know before each free consulting call, and periodically send agronomy tips to your inbox.

Check the Agronomy Consulting page for dial-in numbers and additional details.
Agronomy Conference Call
Wed, Feb 8, 3pm EST
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