We've been talking about it for awhile...

We're now building the bionutrient meter.

We are very excited to announce that the first prototype of the Bionutrient Meter is now in production!  A handheld device that anyone can use to flash a light at food and discern levels of nutrient density, or a farmer can use in the field to determine relative crop quality.  

Many have heard us talk about what it could mean for our food supply, for our farms, as well as human and planetary health if such a tool were to exist.  Now, we are no longer just talking about it.  With generous support from the Community Foundation for San Benito County, we are partnering with our friends at Our-Sci.net to build and calibrate the Bionutrient Meter.

After an initial round of testing and tweaking, second generation prototypes will be available later this fall for lab and research partners to use in the calibration process, to identify the spectrum of variation in quality and begin building the correlative database necessary to make it a reality.

The Real Food Campaign

For those who have been with us for some time, you will know that the Bionutrient Food Association grew out of the Real Food Campaign, which worked with growers to build full system health on their farms and gardens, with a focus on increasing the quality of their crops. Even in that earlier incarnation, we envisioned a tool that consumers could use to test food quality. As the work fledged, we spun off from RFC to form the BFA, an independent organization with the mission of increasing quality in the food supply.  
We have since been building the organization, our reputation and relationships, and making the case about the connection between food quality and human health and environmental health.  But we never let go of our vision to provide consumers with the ability to test for quality in their food at point of purchase. We have waited for the time when we could plausibly build and calibrate a consumer tool that could accomplish what we desire, and that time is here.
With that in mind, the BFA is re-launching the Real Food Campaign as the home of its project to finally build that tool, and all of the work surrounding it.

We have quietly been hard at work on the broader campaign, but with this major step forward, we are now eager to share with you our progress.      

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