It has been a monumental year for the Bionutrient Food Association, transforming visions into realities, creating community, teaching Biological Principles, and joining critical conversations about the powerful and sustaining effects of carbon sequestration. More than 400 engaged, inspired, and aware individuals joined us for the 7th Annual Soil & Nutrition Conference, “Growing the Movement Around Food Quality”.  We are still high from the energy swirling around this gathering, which we are now harnessing to propel forward the next phase of our organizational development.

Thank you, to each of you, for being a part of our world. We are touched by your input, your participation, and your kindness towards healing our planet, one square inch of soil at a time; and for your engagement in the linkage between the life in that soil and the health of our bodies. It is what feeds our souls and nourishes our minds. Collectively, we can achieve our mission to “increase quality in the food supply”.

If you are feeling the abundance and have the means to support our efforts, please consider a monthly contribution; whether it is the cost of a cup of coffee or a trip to Thailand, every cent collected will be cherished and used effectively to further this movement.

With love and appreciation,
Dan Kittredge and the Bionutrient Team

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