• Our Crops
    Yield, Vigor and Flavor
    are determined by
    soil vitality.

    Our Crops

    Soil is a biological system, and addressing limiting factors in air, water, carbon, minerals and biology systemically empowers crops.

  • Our Health
    Is affected by the quality
    of the food we put in
    our bodies.

    Our Health

    Nutritive levels in crops have been dropping for decades. Degenerative diseases are becoming epidemic. Understand quality and find the best for your family.

  • Quality of Food
    Can be understood
    and identified.

    Quality of Food

    Our work is in helping to increase Bionutrient levels in the food supply. Join us in identifying what quality is available where in your area.


Fresh From the Field

Announcing the 6th Annual Soil & Nutrition Conference

We are very pleased to announce the 6th Annual Soil & Nutrition Conference this December 4-6. Registration is NOW OPEN! We are bringing together the collective knowledge of the food movement from the perspectives of successful farmers, cutting-edge researchers, enlightening health practitioners, and pioneers of food quality, to delve deep into the connections and importance of soil and nutrition. Integrating diverse viewpoints, this year’s program aims to engage growers and gardeners at their skill level with principles, practices, and innovations for ecologically and financially sound farming, as well as present health-conscious consumers and medical professionals valuable insights to effectively advocate and select for quality in their local region and food supply. Learn more and register today!

Good Dirt: Growing Better Food in Bedford

July 2016

When I heard that Bedford farmer Doug DeCandia bought 20 tons of trap rock dust for his fields, I couldn't figure out what that had to do with a productive garden. Plus, why was he digging dirt from around skunk cabbage and also leaving some weeds growing near food crops? t's all about growing better food. Five years ago, DeCandia learned about the Bionutrient Food Association (BFA) and was so convinced of its efficacy for growing nutrient-dense food that he founded a local chapter here, in Bedford, to spread the word. It's the latest approach to gardening, but there's really nothing new about it; Mother Earth has been doing it all along, well, that is, when she's given the chance to maintain plant diversity and healthy soil.  Read on...

Podcast interview with Dan Kittredge: Growing Nutrient Dense Food

Listen in to a wide-ranging and inspiring interview with Dan Kittredge as he waxes about the aspiration and goals of the BFA, touching on numerous topics such as secondary metabolites in food correlating with flavor and nutritive value, problems with & bridges between differing agri- systems and beliefs, the importance of microbial activity and fungi to access nutrients, healthy plants and inherent pest and disease resistance, biochemical effects of bionutrient-rich food on our bodies, food as medicine, healthy soil as a potential game-changer in healthcare, the economy and the climate, and the links between nutrition & Consciousness.  To name a few.  Listen here.