Dan Kittredge

Executive Director and Course Lead

Dan is the Founder and Executive Director of the Bionutrient Food Association. Raised by parents who are prominent leaders in the organic food movement, Dan has been an organic farmer since childhood. His experience managing organic farms and developing sustainable agriculture techniques has connected him to farmers in Central America, Russia, India and the U.S.

Gary Neves

Manager, BFA Membership & Course Administration

Gary received his MBA in Finance from Bryant University and has been a financial analyst, accountant, and certified quality technician (CQT from American Society of Quality) in the frequency control device industry, and now manages his family’s retail business in Hopedale, MA. An avid part-time gardener, Gary was inspired to join and work with the BFA in 2012 on a part-time basis after taking a BFA course and seeing the impact of biological farming practices in his own garden. In addition to managing BFA’s annual series of two-day courses, Gary oversees BFA membership administration and is part of the BFA’s organizing team for its annual Soil & Nutrition Conference.

Eric S. Fisher

Business Manager

Eric has worked with the BFA since its foundation, when it was the Real Food Campaign. Over the years, he has leveraged his experience in information technology development, management and accounting to this position. He currently manages all business needs for the organization. Better known for his professional talents, Eric also has been interested in organic gardening, nutrition and sustainable agriculture for many years, growing blueberries, raspberries, asparagus, tomatoes, potatoes, and many other vegetables in his organic garden.

Christopher Pietras

IT Director

Chris has designed and built web sites for 15 years. He has developed the current BFA site with the functionality to house, organize and make large repositories of scientific data available for public use. Chris has also developed an online network to engage and connect chapters, members, growers and consumers with a select series of social tools, making the BFA web presence a unique and invaluable resource to its members. Over the years, Chris's work has ranged from small portfolio sites for artists, timber framers, and sheep farmers to larger projects for clients such as the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, UBS Investment Bank, Oxygen Media Network, General Electric, and NBC Universal, including multiple award-winning B2B sites that served as the backbone to print and broadcast marketing communications for three Olympic campaigns in partnership with the client, NBC Universal Cable.

Cathy Kandianis, PhD

Research Consultant

Cathy’s training in crop breeding, plant physiology and crop nutrition has been guided by her interest in the development of plant foods with improved nutrition through the integration of genetics and rearing environment. She has a long-standing record of involvement in multi-disciplinary, collaborative crop nutrition projects, including the development of high provitamin A carotenoid maize lines using conventional breeding, and the identification of maize genetic stocks with higher iron nutrition in low input environments. Cathy oversees development of BFA’s applied research agenda and establishes collaborative efforts with BFA research partners.

David Forster

Agronomy Consultant

David Forster has been a full-time soil and farm consultant since starting Forster Soil Management 5 years ago. He is now working with BFA members and local chapters, providing agronomy consulting, mineral depot information and support, and grower education. With a background in industrial engineering, but a passion for agriculture, he has been intensively studying soil and plant health and agronomy for over 10 years. He has worked with clients on a diverse assortment of crops on anything from a few hundred square feet to several thousand acres.

Nicole Crouch Diaz

Communications & Education Development

Nicole is an environmental educator and installation artist. With a background in early learning and K-12 teaching botany and soil biology through the Portland Public Schools Outdoor School Program, she focuses on creating an outdoor classroom and educating children in nature. She received an interdisciplinary B.A. from Antioch College where she majored in ecology, environmental design and installation art. Her art work seeks to inspire and connect the public to the natural sciences by interpreting biological systems and living systems through installation sculpture. She has worked as an organic and biological management farmer and market gardener in Oregon, Nova Scotia, and Massachusetts. Nicole is passionate about plants, plant biology, and the interrelatedness of soil health and human health, and specifically, the relationships between food quality and systemic illness. She has been a BFA member since 2012 and began working with the organization in 2015.